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    Ronin in action:

  • Ronin Tutorial and Demonstration



    The ronin™ is a hand held device that can be used for all six self defense techniques: 

    • Strikes
    • Pressure applications
    • Joint locks
    • Blocking
    • Arterial constriction
    • Throws


    Product description

    The ronin™ combines the usefulness of a short stick and a flexible  cord. The ronin™ is made of high impact materials and conceals parachute type cord with a tensile strength of 550 pounds. The 3/16” cord is easily deployed through the top of the device . By twisting the pressure fit plug on the bottom you can pull the cord back through the device. Repack the cord and twist the plug back into place. The device is 5 ½” by 7/8 “.


    Improper training with the ronin™ may cause severe injury. Training on or with an inexperienced individual without the supervision of a professional martial arts instructor or other similarly qualified    individual should not be attempted. The OZ Group, Ltd. and its agents assume no responsibility for the use of the ronin™, with or against any individual. Use of the ronin™ is at the risk and is the sole   responsibility of the user.


    $39.99 plus shipping and handling


    The OZ Group, Ltd.

    P.O. Box 591

    Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108