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    Upcoming Okuiri Exam

    Neil Hall will be testing for his Okuiri level black belt on Friday May 13 at 6 P.M.

    This is a special occasion and a chance to see one of our top students do his thing.

    Considering the number of black belts in the area this is something you don't want to miss.



    Tuesady May 10 - 3rd kyu exam

    Come on up to the dojo and watch Dave Kalesz complete the second half of his 3rd kyu exam.

    Testing will start at 6 P.M.


    Gasshuku 2011 @ Miyama Ryu Midwest

    Miyama Ryu Midwest is please to announce: 

    Gasshuku 2011 on June 10, 11 and 12, 2011 @ Miyama Ryu Midwest Dojo

    Internationally acclaimed instructors will be teaching hands- on seminars this weekend.  Dai Shihan Rahming and Shihan Echavarria were amoung the first to sign-on for the weekends festivities.

    There will be a black belt promotion and brown belt promotion ceremonies.

    A dinner is planned for Saturday JUNE 11.

    Be sure to make this weekend done on your calendar. You won't want to miss it!


    Congraulations to new 4th kyu green belt 

    On sunday, April 3 Steve Booth successfully completed and passed his 4th kyu exam.

    Examiners Shihan Sullivan, Shihan Koz and Sensei Antuna graded Steve.

    Steve did a great job and was helped mightily by his excellent ukes, James, Lou and Alex.

    Be sure to wish him well the next time you see Steve.



    Congraulations to the new 6th Kyu Orange belts

    On Sunday, March 20 at the Miyama Ryu Midwest Dojo, Hilary Holtzen and Luke Majkut successfully passed their 6th kyu orange belt exam.

    There were some tense monents but they both came through with flying colors.

    Make sure to congratulate them the next time you see them.

    Also, great jobs done by the uke's, Lauren and Jon.