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    Chicago Gasshuku 2011 Recap

    We would like to thank every one who attended the 2011 Miyama Ryu Gasshuku in Chicago, and a special thanks to Dai'shihan Rhaming, Dai'shihan Duke, Shihan Echavarria, Shihan Aviles, Shihan Augustine, O'sensei Soto, Sensei Scarlatto, and all those who helped or instructed during the seminar.

    Please check out the GALLERY for more pictures of the event.  Also, if you have any pictures of the event that you would like to share, please post them on Facebook or in the section below and they will be added to the album.

    Below you will find some videos of the event, including demonstrations and belt promotions.  Hope you enjoy them.

    Thank you!

    Make sure to watch the videos in HD (select 720p in the bottom right corner of the video window)



    Gasshuku 2011

    This weekend at COD and the Midwest Dojo, the BEST Ju Jutsu Black Belts in the world will be training with you.

    Friday 5-9 P.M. COD

    Saturday 9-12, lunch provided, 1-4 P.M. COD

    Black belt, brown belt presentations and the Miyama Ryu Jujutsu demo

    Sunday 9-12 at he Midwest dojo.

    ALL FOR $30.00

    Saturday night banquet at the Bloomfield Club, Schick road in Bloomingdale.

    Dinner $20.00 per person. Come and mingle with the KEEPERS OF THE RYU!


    Kuehl and Goldman Promoted

    Friday may 27, 2011, Jon Kuehl (pictured left) passed his exam and was promoted to green belt 4th Kyu.  Also, Blake Goldman (pictured right) finished his make-up points and was promoted to Yellow belt 5th Kyu.

    Congrats to both students for doing an excellent job!


    Promotions concluded

    Friday June 3, 2011 at the Midwest Dojo the following syudents sucessfully completed their promotion qualification exams. Testing was conducted by Sensei Bruce Sickelsteel, Sensei John Antuna and Shihan Donald Koz.

    Neil Hall - Okuiri

    David Kalesz- Brown -3rd kyu

    Jeff Grzywa-   Brown - 3rd kyu

    Belt and certificate presentations will be made at the Gasshuku this Saturday at 4:00 P.M. in the COD Martial Arts Room.




    3rd Kyu exam

    Jeff Grzywa will be completing his 3rd kyu on tuesady May 17.

    Come on up and give him some support.