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    New 5th Kyu

    Will Orton passed his 5th Kyu exam on November 17, 2016 at COD.

    Great work Will.


    Miyama Ryu Midwest Promotes Black Belt

    MRMW promoted JeffRognstad to Okuiri on November 17, 2016.

    Jeff has been training with our dojo for a number of years.

    He completed his exam at the College of DuPage, in front of Dai shihan Donald Koz, Shihan John Antuna, Shihan Diane Wallander and O'Sensi Bruce Sickelsteel.

    Congrats on a great exam!



    Grand Opening of new dojo location

    On Monday April 4, I started offering classes at a new dojo location. Our new home is at PHYSICAL FUSION 800 Easr Roosevelt Rd in Lombard.

    Classes run on Mondays from 7:30 - 8:30 and Thursday's from 7 - 8.

    After putting the mats down class started and the following jujutsuka were in attendance. Bill, Jeff #2, Jon, Igor, Jason from Sensei Venuso's dojo, Amanda, Yvonne, and Elliott.

    Shihan Antuna stopped by to watch.

    This is a great facility and due to its proximity to COD I expect many of the students to take advantage of the opportunity.


    Dai Shihan



    Bill Casper promoted to Okuiri

    On March 20, 2016, Bill Casper took his Okuiri exam in Miyama Ryu Combat Ju Jutsu.

    Bill had prepared and trained hard for months in order to be ready to take this exam.

    He did an outstanding job and was susscessful in this endeavor.

    Sensei Bruce Sickelsteel, Shihan John Antuna and Dai Shihan Donald Koz sat on the promotion board.

    Ukes included Jeff Rognstad, Charles Benford, Dave Kalesz, Phil Sholeen.

    Congrats to Bill, Midwest Black Belt 516.



    Philip Sholeen makes 5th kyu

    After a small setback during his first attempt, Phil rebounded and finished off his 5th kyu exam.

    Thanks to all the uke's who assisted and Shihan Antuna and sensei Sickelsteel with the grading.

    Congrats Phil!